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Take the awkwardness of puberty and transform it into beauty

This documentary shows the coming-of-age of 8 girls on the verge of womanhood.

During six months, Sil Egger accompanied them on their journey involving several encounters in which they are consciously working towards becoming young women, guided by a female community. Step by step they grow in confidence, learn to set their personal boundaries and discover their own femininity. In a final ceremony, they say goodbye to their childhood. It is a journey full of mixed emotions and surprises.

So when you´re about to say goodbye to childhood, it´s about taking everything that you had from it, everything that gave you trust, power, beauty in order to be able to continue. And maybe you can put everything inside, so it´s good when its leaving and that can transform.”

Kathrin Raunitschka, Drachinzeit founder

Who am I? Where do I belong? What does it mean to be a woman?

The coming-of-age is a process which helps the girls answer these questions through contemporary rites of passage. Together they talk, laugh, dance, cry and make friendships for life. They portray puberty not as being awkward and fighting your parents, but instead as a beautiful and meaningful transitional experience.

8 girls between the ages of 13 and 15 participate in a series of encounters during a 6 month period. Together, they address a range of intimate issues ranging from their menstrual cycle, feelings they have about their changing bodies, to the changing relationship with their parents and the women they want to grow to be.

A time of rituals awaits them that will change their lives forever. Away from home and into nature, they will sleep alone in the woods surrounded and supported by women of many different generations and backgrounds. This is the circle in which they will celebrate their very personal transformation from a young girl to a young woman. The older generation has a very special gift for them: A first-hand experience.

I give away all the shameful situations that made me insecure.
I give away my insecurity.
I give away thinking too much about to many things.
I also give away my insecurity.
I wish to be free.” 

The girls during Drachinzeit sweat lodge